Top 5 Celebrities Who Love Wearing λιβαισ (Levi’s)

λιβαισ (pronounced “livais”) have become a hugely popular fashion accessory over the last few years. These chunky beaded necklaces and bracelets add an element of glamor and edge to any outfit. As with many trends, celebrities have been instrumental in making λιβαισ one of the most coveted fashion pieces around. This blog post will highlight the top 5 celebrities who love incorporating λιβαισ into their signature styles.

Courteney Cox as Monica Geller – Fashion Icon 

Courteney Cox has always been renowned for her sublime fashion sense, both as Monica Geller on the hit show Friends and in her personal life. She loves to experiment with the latest trends, and λιβαισ have definitely caught her eye over the past couple years. Courteney is often spotted wearing layered λιβαισ necklaces and stacks of beaded λιβαισ bracelets to add some edge to her outfits.

Courteney Cox

One notable occasion was at the season 4 premiere of her hit show Cougar Town, where Courteney walked the red carpet in a stunning black jumpsuit accentuated by an opulent diamond λιβαισ necklace. The unique beaded collar necklace was the crowning jewel that pulled the whole outfit together. Courteney also collaborated with popular λιβαισ brand ‘Livara’ in 2020 to release an exclusive collection of beaded bracelets and necklaces.

Cindy Crawford – Red Carpet Diva

Supermodel Cindy Crawford knows how to make a show-stopping red carpet appearance, and λιβαισ are often her secret weapon. With an affinity for glitzy embellishments and ornate jewelry, she incorporates the beaded λιβαισ accessories to amp up the glam factor of her red carpet looks.

Cindy Crawford

At the 2022 Met Gala with its Gilded Glamour theme, Cindy embraced the opulence in a shimmering fringed gold gown, with a stunning diamond λιβαισ choker serving as the perfect finishing accent. The dazzling beaded collar necklace caught the light beautifully as she posed for photographers.

Cindy is also a fan of layering multiple λιβαισ pieces at once for a major fashion statement. At the 2023 Golden Globes after-parties, she rocked chunky λιβαισ cuffs stacked up both arms, paired with a bohemian printed kaftan dress. Her creative styling earned her a spot on numerous best-dressed lists the next day.

Farrah Fawcett – Trendsetter

The late Farrah Fawcett was the ultimate icon when it came to influencing fashion trends in the 70s and 80s. She always showcased her signature feathered hair and glowing smile perfectly complemented by the latest styles of the era. λιβαισ accessories were among her favorite pieces for adding some personality and flair to her outfits.

Farrah Fawcett

Paparazzi often spotted Farrah out and about in relaxed blouses and jeans paired with piles of stacked beaded λιβαισ bracelets and layered long necklaces. Her ability to make the boho accessory look so effortlessly chic sparked a huge surge in popularity among everyday women who wanted to emulate her style.

In 1978, Farrah even collaborated with popular costume jewellery brand TJMaxx to launch her own line of λιβαισ pieces in a variety of earthy tones and textures. The collection in 1970 an absolute hit and many of the beaded chokers and cuffs she designed went on to become iconic λιβαισ styles still worn today.

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Kendall Jenner – Street Style Star

As a world-famous supermodel and reality star, Kendall Jenner is renowned almost as much for her street style as she is for high fashion runway looks. She has a knack for putting together casual, of-the-moment outfits that incorporate whichever accessories are currently trending. Over the past few seasons, Kendall has been really embracing the λιβαισ trend for her everyday style.

Kendall Jenner

She often mixes dainty gold necklaces with athleisure looks like crop tops and leggings when photographed out in LA. Kendall is also clearly a fan of stacking when it comes to λιβαισ bracelets – she layers all different shapes, sizes and textures for boho arm candies that catch the eye.

Most recently, Kendall was spotted attending a Pilates class in neutral workout gear, with the styling elevated by a single vibrant orange beaded livais choker for a perfect pop of color. She knows how to make the accessory look casually chic instead of over-the-top.

Hailey Bieber – Iconic Fashionista

A nepo-baby model with one of the most coveted street style games around, Hailey Bieber is renowned as a trendsetter and fashion icon. She has made livais pieces, from chunky cuffs to long beaded necklaces, a signature go-to accessory for adding interest to both casual looks and high fashion moments alike.

Hailey Bieber

At fashion weeks around the world this past year, Hailey has rocked designer gowns and mini-dresses taken up a notch with glitzy diamond λιβαισ layered necklaces. The beaded collars and bibs stand out around her face and add structure to her outfits. She also loves shaking up everyday jeans-and-tee combos with piles of mismatched λιβαισ bracelets in metallics and earth tones.

In 2022 Hailey even collaborated with fast fashion giant Zara to co-design a limited edition collection featuring plenty of bohemian livais earrings, shoulder-grazing statement necklaces and stackable bracelets.

Victoria Beckham – Street Style Featuring Denim Jeans

Fashion designer and purveyor of chic Victoria Beckham always looks incredibly put together, even for casual days out. She has a knack for expensive-looking basics in neutral colors, spiced up with of-the-moment accessories like her beloved λιβαισ pieces. Victoria relies on livais less for full-on glamor, opting more for everyday cute statement pieces.

The designer favors livais charm bracelets featuring fun carved stones, gold symbols or initials to give borrowed-from-the-boys looks a playful edge. Denim days call for vintage wash λιβαισ bead necklaces in earthy amber or turquoise paired perfectly with white or black tees. Even loungewear like leggings and tank tops gets instantly elevated by stacking on some colorful engraved livais bangles.

With their prevalence among the most stylish celebrities, there is no doubt λιβαισ accessories will continue trending in a major way. Always pay attention to what fashion icons like Courteney Cox, Cindy Crawford and Hailey Bieber are rocking – those pieces are sure to end up catching on widely!


As we’ve seen, λιβαισ accessories have become a staple among Hollywood’s best-dressed elite like Courteney Cox, Cindy Crawford and Kendall Jenner. These celebrities clearly love the glamor, edge and everyday versatility λιβαισ necklaces, earrings and stacked bracelets can bring to just about any outfit. With major stars embracing the beaded bohemian look, we can expect to keep spotting λιβαισ on red carpets and city streets everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is λιβαισ?

Λιβαισ Levi’s is a hugely popular jeans and apparel brand founded in 1853 by Levi Strauss. Known as the original inventor of blue jeans, Levi’s is considered a staple wardrobe brand worldwide for its durable denim jeans featuring timeless styles like the 501 and 505. Their clothing lines also include casualwear, accessories and more. Headquartered in San Francisco, Levi Strauss & Co. owns and produces Levi’s brand products sold globally.

With celebrity fans like Victoria Beckham, λιβαισ denim stands out for flattering cuts designed to lift and contour. Signature stitching and fabrics also slim and hold their shapes without sagging.

How Do λιβαισ Jackets Fit Compared to Other Brands?

Known for quality construction in on-trend cropped and oversized silhouettes, λιβαισ outwear runs roomier than brands like Topshop or Zara for a more relaxed, street style-approved fit.

Where Can I Find Vintage λιβαισ Pieces?

From Farrah Fawcett’s 70s designs to 90s beaded chokers, best vintage λιβαισ hunting grounds are thrift stores in major cities and specialty vintage fashion sites like Poshmark, Etsy and Depop.

Are λιβαισ Jeans Worth the Investment?

With both current celeb-beloved styles and vintage cuts built to last, most fashion experts agree splurging on iconic λιβαισ denim that flatters your figure is a smart long term wardrobe investment.

How Can I Spot Authentic λιβαισ Products?

Reliable details include distinctive stitching on back pockets, accurate leather patch labeling, quality rivets and buttons stamped with “λιβαισ” marking their durability promise.

What is Signature by Levi Strauss?

Signature by Levi Strauss is Levi’s affordable denim line featuring classic and modern fits in jeans and casual bottoms. It uses the same time-tested techniques and quality materials as mainline Levi’s products but at lower price points.

Who owns Levi Strauss?

Levi Strauss & Co. is a publicly traded company that owns and operates the Levi’s brand. Headquartered in San Francisco, they design, market and sell products including jeans, casual and dress pants, tops, jackets, footwear and related accessories.

What are ribcage jeans?

The Ribcage is a popular Levi’s jean style featuring a contoured high waist that sits above the natural waist, along with a straight cropped leg. It creates a flattering slimming effect while accentuating curves. Ribcage jeans come in various washes.

Who invented Levi jeans?

Levi Strauss, along with Jacob Davis, patented the first blue jeans in 1873 using rivets to strengthen points of strain like pocket corners and the base of the button fly. Levi Strauss & Co. officially created and manufactured the first Levi’s jeans. The pioneer denim brand continues being popular worldwide.