egg cleansing reading

Egg Cleansing Reading Meaning- And How to Perform 

What is Egg cleansing?

In egg cleansing reading, Place a glass of water with a whole egg in it under your bed to eliminate bad energy from your body. You must leave the eggs there for nine nights; on day ten, remove the egg; and then, at a crossroads, discard it. By using the egg in this manner, you can also get rid of missed locks and curses.

Meaning of Egg Cleansing Reading

Break an egg into a glass of water and study the meaning of the cleansing with the egg. Watch as your inner self searches for oddities like colors, blood, forms, and textures. Typical interpretations

  • If the water has a foul odor or there is visible blood, this is an evil operating indicator.
  • Small blood spots in the water are an indication of bad luck and harm done by an effective witchcraft spell, especially if the water is opaque.
  • If there is no blood present and the water turns hazy without an odor or blood, this indicates the loss of the soul or vitality.
  • An opponent is present if the yolk of the egg resembles a face. A round face denotes a female enemy, while a thin face denotes a male enemy.
  • Small bubbles in the water indicate that the guardian spirits have absorbed the harmful energy.
  • A clear body of water devoid of unusual shapes smells, or blood is a clue that nothing odd is occurring in the egg cleansing reading.
egg cleansing reading

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How does an egg cleansing reading perform?

To complete the cleansing of the Mexican method, simply one egg, water, salt, and lemon juice are needed.

Cleansing the egg:

The egg must clean to remove any early bad energy. So, In a cup of water with some salt and lemon juice, wash the egg.

Fill a second glass with water: 

Take a different glass and half-fill it with water. Allow this sparkling cup to warm up.

Inform the egg of your intentions:

Speak to the egg by grabbing it and telling it what you want it to do. Examples include washing away curses and poor luck or removing negative energy using egg cleansing reading.

Your body is covered with the egg:

During egg cleansing reading roll the egg all over your body, paying particular attention to your arms. Although it’s not required, the egg can physically touch your body if you wish it to. As you do that, visualize the egg absorbing all of the adversity. In the water that is at room temperature, crack one egg. Let it stand in the glass once it cracked for five to ten minutes.

Analyze the outcomes:

The meaning of the egg cleansing reading in the water glass could vary depending on how it appears.

You must begin again with a brand-new egg if the one you are using cracks while you are doing it.

egg cleansing reading

My Experience With Egg Cleansing Reading:

I’d want to add this from my own experience for this:

You may see a network or web pattern in the egg, which denotes that someone is trying to catch you, halt you, or somehow impede your personal or spiritual growth.

The egg must drop all the way to the glass’s bottom. If it floats, it means cleaning is again necessary. This is also true if some of the egg fleets sink while the remainder stays afloat; however, this shows a lesser or emerging issue that you can address right away.

Once the egg is cleaned, you can dispose of it with water as previously mentioned, in the toilet, or in the ground.


Removing all negative energy from your surroundings is the main goal of reading an egg cleansing. Thus, the more often you stick to this schedule, the better the vibrations. You may do this ceremony more than once, although doing so frequently could be detrimental. Keep yourself safe and do the rite in peace.