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7 Inspiring geekzilla podcast That Will Blow Your Mind

Geekzilla Podcast culture has become increasingly mainstream in recent years, with TV shows, movies, games, and books centered around science fiction, fantasy, technology, and more. This growing popularity has paralleled the rise of podcasts as a medium. Podcasts allow in-depth discussion of all things geeky, making them the perfect platform for geeky entertainment.

This article covers 7 inspiring Geekzilla podcasts that offer thoughtful commentary, hilarious moments, and epic. These podcasts storytelling around topics like movies, TV, games, sci-fi, and more. If you’re looking to add some geeky goodness to your podcast feed, these shows will blow your mind.

The Weekly Planet

Geekzilla Podcast

Hosted by Australian comedians and longtime friends James Clement and Nick Mason, The Weekly Planet offers weekly commentary on the latest superhero movie and TV news. James and Nick have incredible chemistry, playing off each other to dissect storylines, production issues, and behind-the-scenes drama with equal parts intelligence and humor. Their epic 100th episode spectacular is a highlight, featuring a musical number recapping their first 99 episodes.

The Adventure Zone

Geekzilla Podcast

The Adventure Zone offers a masterclass in storytelling, following three brothers and their dad as they play Dungeons & Dragons together. What began as a casual chance for family bonding has evolved into an incredibly rich narrative audio drama. The McElroy brothers draw you into the fantasy world of their protagonists, building suspense, laughter, and heart wrenching moments through sharp dialogue and intricate plot development.

The Nerdist


Hosted by Chris Hardwick, founder of Nerdist Industries, The Nerdist provides an inside look at the careers of various geekzilla autos culture celebrities. Chris and his crew bring out the creative sides of guests like Sir Patrick Stewart, Malcolm McDowell, and Neil Gaiman through fun conversations and games. The laughs flow freely, even as Chris extracts nuggets of inspiration, especially in episodes featuring comic artists, showrunners, and other creators discussing their starts.

The Filmcast

Geekzilla autos

Film senior writer David Chen hosts Devindra Hardawar, Jeff Cannata and Peter Sciretta on this podcast focusing on the latest sci-fi, superhero and fantasy movie and TV releases. These insightful hosts offer in-depth critical analyses of projects like Stranger Things, The Mandalorian, Dune, and more. Their debates even get heated when they disagree, like during their review of billion-dollar blockbuster Avatar.

The Kinda Funny Gamescast


Greg Miller, Nick Scarpino, Tim Gettys, and a rotating crew of guests talk all things gaming every week. They debate console wars, recap big events like E3 reveals and Game Awards surprises, and review notable video game releases with a mix of humor and thoughtfulness. Recent highlights include discussions on anticipated sequels like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and sci-fi thriller Dead Space.

Features of geekzilla podcast 

Here are some key features and elements of a typical geekzilla podcast:


  • Covers geek culture topics like sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, comics, technology, etc.
  • Discusses latest news and releases in these areas
  • Analyzes plotlines, characters, easter eggs in depth
  • Debates controversial or polarizing decisions by creators


  • Hosted by 1-3 passionate, knowledgeable hosts
  • Blends information with humor for upbeat vibe
  • Includes guest appearances by fans, experts, creators
  • Interactive segments like games, giveaways, Q&As

Production Value

  • Clear audio quality with professional equipment
  • Creative intro/outro music sets fun tone
  • Visually engaging marketing via images, video clips
  • Consistent release schedule builds loyal following


  • Reviews new shows, games and products aimed at geeks
  • Recaps events like ComicCon, E3, or sci-fi conventions
  • Builds community so fans don’t feel alone in interests
  • Provides insightful commentary on geeky industry trends

How to Start Your Own Geekzilla Podcast

self podcast

As this article showcases, podcasting allows creators to share their passions for all things geeky. Here are some tips if you’re inspired to launch your own geek-focused podcast:

  • Decide on a niche gaming, TV, tech or other geek culture topic to discuss. Hyperfocusing will help build a loyal audience.
  • Gather a fun, outgoing co-host and book exciting guests to interview. Conversation is key to great podcasting.
  • Invest in key equipment like professional mics and editing software to polish sound quality.
  • Promote across social media to spread the word to fellow geeks.

These geeky, inspiring podcasts prove that podcasting is a powerful platform for storytelling, comedy, community and critical commentary around science fiction, gaming, fandom and more. So get listening – and keep dreaming up ideas if you’re ready to launch the next big geekzilla podcast!


This selection of podcasts offers just a glimpse into the thriving world of geek-focused audio programs. As the hosts banter back and forth about franchise drama, debate character choices, and craft intricate fantasy narratives, their palpable passion for geek culture shines through. These shows don’t just discuss geeky news for the sake of reporting, they provide a sense of friendship and community for listeners who share their interests. If you identify as a proud geek, these engaging, thought-provoking and hilarious podcasts will immerse you even deeper into the culture you love. Get listening today!


A: The Geekzilla podcast became a hit by focusing on geeky passions like movies, TV, games, tech, comics and more with insightful yet fun hosts at the helm. Their conversations around the latest releases feel like chatting with friends who love the same fandoms.

A: Reach out to the show’s hosts through social media or their websites to inquire about guest appearance or interview opportunities. Come prepared to geek out over a niche topic!

Q: What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Geekzilla Podcast?

A: To match Geekzilla-level sound quality, invest in pro-level mics, audio editing software like GarageBand or Audacity, pop filters, headphones, and more. Video recording gear can also help elevate production value.

Q: Who Are the Hosts of the Geekzilla Podcast?

A: Geekzilla doesn’t refer to a single podcast – it’s a descriptor for geeky podcasts like the ones covered here, hosted by an array of funny, smart geek experts.

Q: What Topics Are Covered in the Geekzilla Podcast?

A: There’s no singular Geekzilla podcast, but geek-focused shows like those highlighted here cover news, analysis and discussion around TV, movies, gaming, tech, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, collectibles, and more from the broad geek culture space.