MTO News

MTO News Website That Covers African American Culture

A social new’s website with a focus on the African-American community is MTO News. On a variety of subjects, including politics, crime, business, entertainment, cars, lifestyle, and more, it offers shareable news and content. use display and native advertising to generate revenue.

MediaTakeOut, also referred to as MTONews, is an urban celebrity new’s and gossip website that posts up-to-the-minute articles about African-American culture and urban culture. It has established itself as the authority on African American celebrity news as a result, and it has reported on items that other news outlets, including CNN, have taken up. 

Media Take Out, often known as MTONews, is a gossip website that also specializes in entertainment and celebrity, notably involving African Americans and celebrities.

MTO News Market

The market for Media & Entertainment is where it mostly competes. MTONews also operates in the consumer and technology industries.

MTO News History

MTO News is a website that broadcasts entertainment new’s. And celebrity rumors for an African American audience.In 2006, Fred Mwangaguhunga started it. According to their contact page, the website “covers celebrity, entertainment, and general interest news, with a concentrate on African American culture.”


MTONews is owned by Fred Mwangaguhunga through LLC. Advertisers and sponsors generate revenue.

MTO News Analysis / Bias

MTO News covers African Americans and celebrities. The majority of content comes from other publications like TMZ and the Hollywood Reporter. Additionally, they do original reporting, either with or without the inclusion of social media-sourced rumors or gossip about famous people.

MTO News

Editorially, more left-leaning items are published, like this Trump Without His Wig article with its doctored footage. Although the left is represented in more stories, MTO does not discriminate based on how shocking or spectacular a story is. 

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Furthermore, as can show in the Fail Fact Checks section below. MTO News frequently publishes unsupported or simply fraudulent assertions.

Finally, they regularly disseminated false material during the COVID-19 pandemic. Including the claim that DMX passed away from a heart attack after receiving the vaccine. His family’s remarks and the hospital’s statements do not mention a COVID-19 immunization, so there is no proof that he received the shot.

In general, it routinely publishes rumors without citations and asserts things that aren’t true. When reporting about conservatives, they also have a left-leaning political slant.

MTO News Competitors

The rivals of MTONews are :

  • BuzzFeed 
  • Vix
  • Quartz 
  • IDN Times

It is rank 199th out of 486 active rivals.


We evaluate MTO News as Questionable overall due to the publication of a great deal of incorrect information. They have a low rating for factual reporting as well due to inadequate or nonexistent sourcing and numerous failed fact checks.