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RMAI Coinmarket ROI Tokenomic

A decentralized ecosystem and committed team, RMAI coinmarket, launched the $RMAI token, a win-win-based concept. In this concept, the ROIMA community, operations, and development team live together in a thriving environment. 

The $RMAI supporters include an inflation system & investment mode, scalability, farming, mining, and other programs. They collaborate with the great mind behind this project, where partner mechanics like space heroes and utilities will include. 

$RMAI, the Development of ROIMA INC 

RMAI coinmarket ROIMA INC has developed the $RMAI with the following features.


The team has audited $RMAI with 100% positive results, and the owner resigned from the project on the second day of its creation. 

Investment Projects 

The ROI Master Academy project has backed this Tokonomics. Besides, all investment programs that add value to the economy of the ROIMA ecosystem collaborate with the Company.


A solid team of 16 members plans the company efficiently and positively impacts all its investors. 

Super Swap 

The company provides the investors with a super swap, which means they can exchange $RMAI not only with other crypto tokens but with fungible currency offering them unique benefits. 


It is an incredible community of investors that provides a comfortable environment where all members care for each other and the company. 

Why Choose $RMAI? 

RMAI Coinmarket
RMAI coinmarket

It is a deflationary algorithm-supported community currency that aims to support and reward ROIMA INC company investors and holders. The company’s CEO gives up 100% of the funds raised in the prescale, which will add to the liquidity of the RMAI/BUSD pair. There are many reasons to choose RMAI.

Deflationary Token 

The company uses deflationary algorithms that reduce the circulating supply over time. Simultaneously, the value of the token increases, maintaining a healthy economic flow. 

Reflection & Utility

The company uses a 2% $RMAI for each transaction to reward holders, with holders receiving a share as a reflection when others transfer their tokens. 


Super burn means the company holders send a 1% $RMAI of each transaction directly to burn. Apart from automatic burning, someone can burn $RMAI manually depending on the economy’s demand.

Multi Project of RMAI coinmarket

$RMAI is a part of the internal project’s network and collaboration. In addition, the increment in the number of uses and importance is becoming the currency of diverse projects, such as ROIMA INC.

Roadmap of $RMAI | RMAI Coinmarket

The strategy behind the creation of $RMAI is as follows. 


  • Make social networks
  • Team recruitments
  • Logo creation
  • RMAI Token presales
  • Audits and KYC
  • RMAI Token listings
  • Connection with the ROIMA project
  • Listed in CMC
  • New partners


  • Influencers or partners
  • Increase marketing
  • Utility of $RMAI Token
  • Team growth
  • Website development


  • Staking mode
  • Play-to-earn development
  • NFTs collection development
  • SWAP development
  • Token utilities


  • Our blockchain development
  • ROIMA WALLET development
  • Road map expansion 

What is Tokenomic?

$RMAI is a token that runs on the BEP-20, and the maximum supply at the time of its creation was 100 million, which dropped to 98.8 million at the document’s writing time. The owner abandons the contract, so changing the transaction fee or minting more tokens is challenging. Besides, he delivered all tokens to unencrypt with a scheduled unlock under smart contracts. 

What is ROIMA INC? 

ROI Master Academy INC is a trading company that operates publicly and privately, aspiring every member to achieve their big dreams, and here they come true. In this company, everyone can invest and track detailed investments with the company’s friendly platform and TG chats. 

RMAI Coinmarket
RMAI coinmarket

Besides, KYC and staff protect and supervise all movements of its customers. The ROIMA INC community consists of family and friends who have supported the project since its inception. 

$ROI Investment Plans | RMAI Coinmarket

The company’s investment advisory provides financial growth to its clients at an incredible rate. It has the following different investment plans for the customers. 

  • It provides a 5% deposit bonus for inviting a friend.
  • You can earn an unexpected percentage of your investment.
  • And it allows compound interest techniques. 

The Most Stable Trading Company | RMAI Coinmarket

ROIMA is a future worth building that opens its doors and invites everyone inside. The vision of the ROIMA CEO is to work on the company’s future and profitability. Besides, the company’s trading and market experts present the most professional skills. In addition, each member can maintain the company’s stability and take it to the next level.