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Roofing Shoes – 5 Best Shoes For Roofing In 2023 

Choosing the right roofing shoes is a crucial aspect of the job to keep you safe and comfortable. Numerous elements of shoes may be appealing to you or may make them uncomfortable for you. Working on a roof can require you to stand at odd angles, and numerous risks are involved. 

What makes a good Quality roofing shoe?

In Australia, the most important factor to consider when deciding what shoes to wear on your roof is the shoe’s surface area.

This means that when the shoe is placed on the roof, the entire sole should be in contact with the roof’s surface. The shoe’s bottom should be level.

Additionally, because rubber offers more traction than synthetic materials, you want to make sure the sole is constructed of rubber rather than synthetic materials.

Shoes like hiking boots are not the best since they have ridges on the bottom, which are fantastic for climbing rocks but not for roofing because there is less surface area hitting the roof due to this ridge-type profile, which results in less grip.

Roofing Shoes

What is the best roofing shoe?

In my opinion, Volleys are the ideal shoe for Australian temperatures. And the most popular sneaker I’ve seen while working in the industry.

Particularly on metal roofs, which can be considerably harder to walk on than tiles, the broad flat rubber sole’s flexible design offers a lot greater grip while one is on the roof.

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5 Best  Roofing Shoes

ROCKROOSTER Roofing Work Boots

Our choice for the best shoes for roofing overall is the ROCKROOSTER Work Boots. Full-grain tumble leather and COOLMAX performance fabric are use in the manufacture of these boots. A dual-density shock-absorbing footbed massages you while you work. And COOLMAX technology transfers sweat away from the foot and through the fabric where it can dissipate. 

It has a steel toecap, enlarged to provide greater room for the foot. These boots have various safety features, including puncture resistance, anti-electrical, anti-fatigue, and anti-oil properties. In addition to being waterproof and non-slip. When the sole degrades, you may swap it out thanks to the Goodyear welt.

TICCOON Work Steel Toe Shoes – Best Value

Our choice for the best roofing shoes for the money is the TICCOON Work Steel Toe Shoes. These 2.35-pound shoes are lightweight, and the rubber bottoms provide good traction and electrical conductivity protection. The fabric is breathable, keeping your feet cool, and strong enough to withstand the demanding job.

The fact that the TICCOON shoes lack steel toes and are not puncture-proof is the only serious issue we encountered with them.

Reebok Crossfit Wave (Roofing shoes)

Crossfit activities have an impact that is largely comparable to what a roofer could feel while working on their feet. Another benefit of these is how attractive they are.

Nike Men’s Roshe Run

Nike Men’s Roshe Run sneakers scored highly in the category of affordable footwear. They are cozy and decently durable for the cheaper price range, and their foam soles surprisingly have good roof traction.

Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work Roofing Shoes

Our top recommendation for roofing shoes is the Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work Roofing Boot. These work boots are make of leather. And have a rubber sole that offers excellent traction and defense against electrical risks. 

The sole of the shoe is 1.5 inches thick, and the whole thing is heat resistant. These boots provide ankle support, and at 1.56 pounds, they won’t make you feel heavy.


The roofing industry is a close-knit one, therefore it serves us all well to share our knowledge and advice on the best roofing shoes for performance and safety. In this case, we are asking for comments from the roofing community to help you present yourself in the best possible light. Tell us what you feel!