Toluca and Club América

The Fiery Rivalry between Toluca and Club América in Mexican Football

The football rivalry between Toluca and Club América is one of the biggest in Mexican football. Toluca is based in Toluca while Club América is from Mexico City, and the two clubs have a long history of competing for titles and bragging rights. This intense rivalry is known as the Clásico del Valle de México or Clásico Capitalino.

The world of football, or soccer, as it’s known in some parts of the world, is a universe brimming with fierce rivalries. These rivalries often define the sport’s very fabric, giving birth to matches whose outcome is far more significant than just the scoreline. One such rivalry that has captured the imagination of fans and media alike is the fiery competition between Toluca and Club América in Mexican Football.

Historical Feud

Toluca, also known as Diablos Rojos, and Club América, often called Las Águilas, have a rich and seasoned history in the Mexican football league (Liga MX). While Club América is based in the country’s capital, Mexico City, Toluca is rooted in the city of Toluca in central Mexico. Over the years, the rivalry between these two powerhouses has become one of the central attractions of Mexican Football, grounded in the competitive spirit, iconic matches, and undeniable footballing prowess.

Notable Matches | Toluca and Club América

Matches between Toluca and Club América are often characterized by high-stakes drama, passionate fans, breath-taking goals, and unmistakable tension. One notable match occurred in the Clausura 2018 Final, where Toluca was on the cusp of winning their record-breaking 11th title. However, Club América’s strategic play and determination resulted in a pulsating double-legged final that left fans on the edge of their seats.

Players in the Spotlight

In a rivalry as intense as this, players often rise above themselves, delivering performances that etch themselves in history. Revered names include Club América’s Cuauhtémoc Blanco and Salvador Cabañas, who produced exceptional performances against Toluca, often turning the tide in their team’s favor. On the Toluca side, players like José Cardozo and Antonio Naelson “Sinha” have left their indelible marks on this rivalry. Their skills and determination often proved pivotal in Toluca’s battles against Club América.

The Rivalry Continues

While the rivalry between Toluca and Club América continues to ignite passion, it underscores a mutual respect, a shared history, and an undying love for football. These clásicos are not just about defeating the other team but celebrating the sport’s adrenaline, unity, and capacity to inspire. The rivalry has grown beyond the boundaries of the football pitch, fueling the social, cultural, and geographical aspects of Mexico’s diverse tapestry. There’s no doubt that the future chapters of this sporting rivalry will continue to captivate fans and players alike, cementing its place as one of the cornerstones of Mexican football.

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History of Matches between Toluca and Club América

Toluca and Club América have been facing each other since the early days of Mexican professional football. Their first ever meeting was in February 1943, which ended in a 2–2 draw. Since then, they have met over 200 times across various competitions. Club América has the historical upper hand with nearly 100 wins compared to Toluca’s 60 victories. However, in recent years Toluca has been more competitive, especially in championship finals.

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Most Memorable Matches

Game 1: Apertura 2005 Final

Date and Location: May 21, 2006 at Estadio Azteca

Key Players: Cuauhtémoc Blanco (América), Vicente Sanchez (Toluca)

This epic final went to penalty kicks after a 2-2 draw on aggregate. Cuauhtémoc Blanco missed a penalty in extra time for America. In the dramatic shootout, Toluca missed 3 straight penalties and América won the title 4-2 on penalties.

Game 2: Apertura 2008 Final

Date and Location: May 31, 2009 at Estadio Nemesio Díez

Key Players: Enrique Esqueda (América), Sinha (Toluca)

This match featured two of the league’s biggest stars in Esqueda and Sinha. Sinha helped give Toluca a 3-2 lead on aggregate. However, Esqueda brought America level at 3-3 to force extra time. Toluca then scored twice more in extra time to win 5-3 on aggregate, clinching the league title.


The rivalry between Toluca and Club América stands amongst the most heated in Mexico. Their numerous title clashes and back-and-forth history fuel the competitive fire between the capital region foes. Fans await the next chapter of this iconic rivalry.


How many times have Toluca and Club América met?

They have met over 200 times since 1943.

Which team has more historical success?

Club América has nearly 100 wins compared to 60 for Toluca. However, Toluca has won more recent finals.

What makes the rivalry so heated?

The teams often clash in championship games, play high intensity matches, and represent rival regions in central Mexico.