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Staff Management with UPMC Shift Select Solution

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (upmc shift select) is a world-renowned health care provider and insurer based in Pittsburgh, PA. With over 90,000 employees, UPMC provides compassionate, high-quality care to millions of patients across western Pennsylvania and beyond.

UPMC Shift Select

Upmc shift select is also at the forefront of medical research and technological innovation. Its state-of-the-art facilities pioneer advanced treatments and cures while training the brightest medical minds of tomorrow. To empower its large and diverse workforce, UPMC developed Shift Select – an online shift management system. Shift Select allows staff to conveniently browse open shifts and select those that fit their availability, skills and location preferences.

UPMC Shift Select Features

Shift Select provides a user-friendly portal for staff to browse and claim open shifts at their convenience. Key features include:

  • Mobile accessibility from iOS and Android devices
  • Filtering by location, department, shift times and more
  • Streamlined shift claiming with instant email confirmation
  • Pre-registration for high-demand shifts
  • Intuitive calendar view of claimed shifts
  • Easy shift releases and trades

Benefits of Shift Select

Shift Select delivers significant advantages for UPMC managers and staff alike, including:

  • Increased shift fill rates and reduced vacancies
  • Reduced scheduler administrative burden
  • Improved work-life balance and flexibility
  • Higher staff engagement and retention
  • Enhanced departmental collaboration

In 2021, UPMC reported a 20% jump in internal shift fill rates thanks to Shift Select. This allows more focused recruiting for true vacancies.

Success Stories

Clinical Informatics Nurse Mary S. utilizes Shift Select weekly to cherry pick open shifts that supplement her base schedule. She appreciates the autonomy and work-life control this allows.

Similarly, OR Tech John F. uses Shift Select to seamlessly pick up extra shifts when financial needs arise or trade away shifts when personal conflicts occur. The flexibility empowers him as an employee.

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Integration with UPMC Systems

Behind the scenes, Shift Select seamlessly integrates with UPMC’s other technologies, including:

  • Lawson payroll database – claimed shifts auto-populate payroll hours
  • Clinical platforms like Epic – new employees gain system access as needed
  • Training LMS – onboarding and competency requirements attached to shifts

This back-end integration ensures a streamlined, accurate employee experience.

Training and Support

UPMC offers layered support resources to equip employees in effectively using Shift Select:

  • Built-in Quick Start Guides on using core features
  • eLearning video modules for onboarding and refreshers
  • System FAQs with search capability
  • Email and phone Help Desk assistance


In conclusion, UPMC’s Shift Select programme has empowered managers and staff through enhanced flexibility and autonomy. This has led to happier, more engaged employees along with significant gains for staffing efficiency and costs. As UPMC continues to innovate, Shift Select provides a model for the healthcare workplace of the future.


Q: Can I access Shift Select from my personal mobile device?

A: Yes, Shift Select offers free iOS and Android apps for on-the-go access.

Q: If I claim a shift but later cannot work it, can I release it?

A: Yes, shifts can easily be released with enough notice so managers can backfill if needed.

Q: Can I set shift type or location preferences in Shift Select?

A: Yes, robust filters allow you to configure open shifts to match your exact skills, interests and availability.