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XNC XeniosCoin Green Cryptocurrency

Xenios Coin XNC is a POW/POS digital currency that a team based in Greece launched on October 20, 2019. It is a business and asset-management-oriented cryptocurrency that aims to provide anonymous, secure, and quick transactions.  

The team designed this coin as a digital currency with actual uses. Starting with the contribution of the Hellenic Blockchain Association, the investors will use XNC as the official currency for the association’s annual member subscriptions. 

History of Xenios XNC

The Greek god Zeus, also sometimes referred to as Zeus Xenios, in his role as a protector of Xenia. In this way, he displayed the religious obligation of hospitality to travelers. 

Theoxenia is the theme in Greek mythology in which humans demonstrate their goodness or piety by offering hospitality to a humble stranger, who turns out to be a disguised god with the ability to bestow rewards. 

These stories warn humans that they should treat any guest as if they were possibly a hidden divinity and help establish the idea of xenia as a core Greek practice. 

What is Xenia?

Xenia, or hospitality, is the ancient Greek sacred rule of hospitality, humanitarianism, and courtesy. The Greeks show this generosity to those away from home or associates of the persons who receive hospitality. 


Hospitality rituals created and expressed a reciprocal relationship between guest and host expressed in material benefits, such as gifts, protection, and shelter. They also represented non-material benefits like favors and certain normative rights.

Benefits of XNC

XNC coin offers fast transactions for trading with zero fees. It is a regular coin with an infrastructure that contests traditional established financial institutions. There are the following benefits from Xenios that you should know. 

Frictionless Transaction Costs

The company transfers digital assets depending on the number of blocks in a single transfer without any fee. 

Ultra-fast Blockchain Protocol 

The Xenios is an ultra-fast blockchain protocol target that ensures the confirmation of thousands of transactions within a minute. The XNC can process over 20,000 micro-transactions within a minute. In this way, it makes the transactions a reliable and scalable Finetech solution.

Semi Stable 

Xenios is an advanced macroeconomic structure that ensures a stable minimum price in parallel to provide unlimited liquidity for institutional investors. 

XNC’s semi-stable structure has proven itself a reliable coin to perform flawlessly in extreme market conditions and extensive liquidated positions fast.

Xenios’s Tokenomics 


XNC offers the following Tokenomics. 

  • Its circulating supply is 76,473,246 XNC.
  • The Xenios team allocation reserve has been locked at 12,000,000 XNC over December 12, 2024. 
  • The team has left 2,500,000 XNC for mining.
  • Besides, the team will distribute 17,000,000 XNC as block rewards to primary node holders.

Xenios XNC Blockchain 

The primary purpose of in-house blockchain creation is to provide trustless and scalable solutions for all industries in today’s markets. The investors can implement the Xenios extravagant contracts in different sectors, including Tourism, Voting Systems, Energy, Legal Services, Electricity, Supply Chain, Defi, and more. 

It has gained a massively scalable payment solution with its unique architecture. Master node holders verify transactions involving less than 2,000 XNC in nanoseconds, making it possible for the network to manage millions of micropayments with almost zero fees. 

The semi-stable nature of this coin enables partners and customers alike to feel secure with the value of XNC because of its dual nature as a medium of exchange and a digital asset simultaneously.

Road Map for XNC 

The Xenios team has planned different strategies every year after the coin’s creation. 

The year 2019 

  • The first development was the proof of concept Malta Blockchain Summit Xenios Chain.

The Year 2020

  • Real-time market test of semi-static structures homemade native wallets
  • The establishment of Xenios Group Limited from its creation
  • Top 3 CMC gainer
  • Hybrid script X11 deployment with a highly advanced Masternode structure
  • Mobile wallet infrastructure
  • Xenios markets
  • Website UI design

For the Year 2021

  • Stakeholders new entry
  • Revised board of directors
  • Xenios market deployment
  • New premises for Greek subsidiary
  • The payment gateway for online business
  • Updated mobile wallet version 
  • Partnership with Crypto Climate Accord
  • Application for the crypto operating license
  • Two new XeniosTokens launch
  • Cross-chain bridges for XNC through major Defi platforms

The Year 2022

  • Enable XNC staking
  • Expansion into the middle east and Asian markets
  • Make HiFi ecosystem 

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