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Dongzilla Vault For Safe Crypto

Dongzilla or Dogezilla is a community-driven project which aims to bring an invention to reducing scams in the crypto share by exploring new projects’ potential and token launches before they hit the market. 

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, there is an increase in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and several scams are rising over time. That is why the DogeZilla project founders felt the need to bring a mechanism to protect against these scams and “carpet pulling”. So the Company tries to spoil the sphere by introducing DogeZilla Vault, the Company’s flagship product. 


DogeZilla is the native token of the platform, and the team aims to take a different approach to the project’s tokenomics with a large supply and a low cost per token. Primarily, the team adopted this approach to make coins available to billions of users in the crypto sphere. Plus, Certik Audits check and verify these token contracts.

DogeZilla Background  | Dongzilla

The project’s founder comes from a marketing and development background and has the pseudonym 9ZEROES. He was in the crypto sphere until 2012 and had many successful token launch experiments and scam experiences. 

When the founder discussed these bad experiences with his two brothers, he came up with the idea of launching a token that would prevent these bad launches. And a few months later, he founded the DogeZilla project with PHDPROSPER and launched on October 21, 2021.

About DongZilla

The developers made DogeZilla for all people worldwide, which has gained much popularity within a few months. Besides, the team has acquired up to 200,000 holders in three weeks and made millionaires in the first eight days with over 10,000x initial prices through word of mouth and organic processes. Learn more about the developers and holders below.

Test Vault As a Developer 

The team worked hard for months to create next-generation crypto token launches to reduce scams in the crypto sphere. They have officially completed the DogeZilla Vault Beta for the developer. Thus, they can submit their project for verification. So, be one of the first developers on the Vault and gain trust in the crypto sphere like never before.

Test Vault As a Holder 

Like developers, the Company has officially completed the DogeZilla Vault for Holders to connect their wallets. In this way, their wallets can access Vault benefits and can be the first experience to Vault.

Made for Moonshot

The tokenomics creation’s purpose is to get millions of holders because crypto continues to evolve. It aims to get billions of hypermarkets in the future with such low prices and impressive supply. 

Dongzilla Milestone & Goals 

The DogeZilla project aims to make crypto a better and safer place for everyone. Moreover, it has different goals, such as:


Celtic Certified 

On this token contract, the DogeZilla team has exceeded expectations and scores from Certik Audits in November 2021. 

DogeZilla Vault

The team aims to make DogeZilla Vault a security platform for all developers and crypto investors to enable safer token launches and tools for all holders. 


NFTs are rising, and the meme sphere birthing ZillaVerse needs a secure and better marketplace. 



The Company built this fastest-growing token as the community behind this project demands easy ways of token swapping and exchange. 


It is a cross-blockchain bridge for all cryptocurrencies.


The DogeZilla token is the future of cryptocurrency, satellite-based blockchain, and peer-to-peer exchange.

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DogeZilla Tokenomics

The DogeZilla Tokenomics is simple, and the team started with 69 Sextillion tokens. Sextillion is the real world which means a number with 21 zeroes_seven sets of triple zeroes. But with so many tokens, it is a low price, which means millions and billions of holders can purchase it. 

Dogzilla has no limits and could be a token for the ages. It can also be a sign for this century as long as people choose it. 

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Short & Long Term Goals | Dongzilla

The DodgeZilla has many long and short-term goals you should consider.

Short-term Goals

  • Audit with Celtic in a few days
  • Vault Beta is on schedule for release
  • Ready Vault official for holders and developers

Long-term Goals 

  • Completion of development in tribes
  • ZillaVerse
  • DogeVerse
  • Zilex
  • Kross
  • Folio

All these purposes are in the early stages of inception, which will be accomplished soon as the team works hard to fulfill these aims. 

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