Newbie Catchup A-Z of NFTs 2023

Some might argue that NFTs are not causing a stir. With NFT trading volumes skyrocketing, more prevalent names and brands launching their NFT-powered projects, and interests in NFT use cases and platforms reaching record highs. Currently, up to 4 million USA people own NFTs, which is fantastic but still very low. 

Before going into depth, you should consider NFTs. We have covered the NFT industry from A-Z with a 26-bit size divided into parts 

for those who need help understanding the hype. They also need to learn where to start in the fast-paced and often strange world of NFTs.

What are NFTs? 

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital asset tokens that are difficult to alter and may be part of digital art, video, image, and music. Holding NFTs is also a unique way of providing ownership, and you can trade like baseball cards, but you can get credit if you have an original card. 


In addition, it offers transparency in the information held as a part of the Ethereum Blockchain. It is decentralized, which means you can follow the owner’s link and see their digital goods but cannot alter them. 

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NFT A-Z: The Project Buildings in the NFTs Space

There are 26 project buildings in the NFT space, each with its token, which will provide you with the basics you require before exploring the vast NFT landscape. 


Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum blockchain-based battle game with access to multi-billion dollar market capitalization, which has recently migrated to a custom-built Ronin sidechain. 


Built on the BCS blockchain, Binemon is a popular NFT game centered on digital pets with a combination of 10 body parts with different desires, stats, and rarities that can be useful for participating in competitions to earn rewards. 


Chromia is a relational blockchain platform that helps to create scalable decentralized applications (dApps) and NEFT-enabled games like My Neighbour Alice. In addition, it supports the most ambitious projects through its highly scalable infrastructure. 


Decentraland blockchain game indicates NFC potential and cryptocurrency-powered in-game economics. It is a vast world virtual game divided into parcels of land where users can build their experiences and services using builder tools. 


Enjin is one of the most capable platforms that provides all the solutions required to launch NFT-enabled projects, such as powerful creation tools, a marketplace, a wallet, and distribution capabilities. Besides, it powers a wide range of projects trusted by prominent players in the blockchain. 


Flow is capable of NFC-enabled games as it offers tools and services to developers required to build highly scalable, intuitive decentralized applications that compete with existing centralized offerings. 


GameZone enables GZONE stakers to access Initial NFT Offerings and Initial Game Offerings, allowing incubation services for blockchain-enabled games to develop sustainable tokenomics.

Hic et Nunc (here and now)

Hic et Nunc is a rapidly growing NFT marketplace and projects building in the Tezos ecosystem that empowers creators by providing a permissionless NFT creation and trading solution. Besides, it provides a decentralized computing environment for the users to create interactive NFTs, like OBJKTs.


Illuvium is an open-world NFT-enabled game centered around alien creatures, which users can collect, fuse and battle to earn $ILV tokens. It is a play-to-earn game that eliminates gas fees despite being built on the Ethereum blockchain. 


Juggernaut is a decentralized exchange platform that blends NFT with the growing ecosystem through a decentralized marketplace where customers browse their favorite collections and buy and sell NFTS.


K21 is a new protocol for digital arts and an NFT vault that contains 21 digital artworks. It represents fractional ownership of artworks and entitles holders to a share of the revenue generated if someone purchases a collection.


LUKSO, an EVM-based platform, and blockchain empower the next generation of digital products, offering infrastructure solutions for physical and digital goods. Besides, it aims to be an early adopter of the Ethereum 2.0 consensus engine to provide a high-throughput environment. 

Monsta Infinite  | NFTs

Monsta Infinite is an upcoming play-to-earn game centered around the rare. A powerful creature that allows you to participate to get the game’s digital currency, the SST (Stamen Tellus). 


NFTLaunch is one of the first launchpads for NFT projects that let users stake their NFTL tokens to participate in NFT decentralized offerings, allowing them access to sought-after NFT mints. 

Origin Protocol 

Origin protocol offers a range of products like an NFT launchpad to make NFTs and DeFi more accessible. You can integrate the NFT launchpad into any website to enable firms and creators to manage their NFT sales and branding. Plus, the protocol has seamless support for fiat and cryptocurrency. 


Polkadex is a decentralized order book-based exchange platform that supports trustless cross-chain transfers. With over 500,000 transfers per second at a lower fee to make DEX trading is more accessible to retail users. 


QuickSwap is a well-known DEX, an entire ecosystem that provides an easy-to-use trading platform for a range of polygon-based assets, pools, and farms to generate a yield on QuickSwap LP tokens. 


Rarible is the longest-standing NFT marketplace that allows users to mint, sell, buy and collect NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Plus, it supports MakeVerse, BoredApeYachtClub, MutanCats, and hundreds of other NFT collections and has its native governance token, RARI.


SuperFarm is a Burgeoning NFT ecosystem that blends the merits of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the NFTs’ qualities to provide an outlet for enthusiasts. The SuperFarm ecosystem features NFT Launchpad, Farm, Creator, Marketplace, and Swap for performing direct NFT swaps. 


The most powerful innovative contract platform and ecosystem of projects, TRON, offers tools and protocols to help users manage their resources. It provides the next-generation infrastructure of dApps. Like its DeFi platforms, including JustLend, JustSwap, and BitTorrent, TRON is rapidly gaining momentum for its NFT projects. 


Both developers and consumers can achieve many game-related tools and services through Ultra. It’s an entertainment platform that provides a robust blockchain and toolkit to integrate developers with novel features and game mechanics. It is impossible without blockchain technology.


The AI-optimized blockchain platform uses artificial intuition to manage its operating parameters to increase security speed and efficiency. Velas supports the scales of NEFT-enabled projects, and the number of project buildings will skyrocket in the coming months. 


The WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) blockchain is specific for eco-friendly games and lets brands launch their NFT collections. It is a certified carbon neutral that enables creators and enthusiasts to create, buy, and sell NFTs without worrying about environmental consequences.

XCAD Network

XCAD Network enables YouTubers to launch their creator tokens and offers a way for creators to monetize their platforms. It allows fans to interact with their favorite YouTubers. The platform lets fans get exclusive creator NFTs by staking their creator tokens to help achieve this. 

Yield Guild Games 

YGG is a play-to-earn decentralized autonomous organization that helps players access exposure to blockchain gaming asset NFTs. The platform maximizes the NFTs’ value and reduces the barriers to getting a return from blockchain games. It features yield-generation options for participants, like the rental of YGG-owned assets. It generates profits shared with the community. 


The high-speed blockchain, Zilliqa, is one of the most promising intelligent contract platforms that leverages a unique sharded architecture to reach a scaling level that few competing platforms can match. Zilliqa has gained momentum among NFT projects, including mintable, XCAD networks, DeMons, and heroes of Low Helm.

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