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AVA TA Network a Landing Protocols

AVA TA Network is a comprehensive Defi platform that enables launchpad, AMM DEX, and lending protocol to integrate on Avalanche. These lending protocols include AVATALAUNCH, AVATASWAP, and AVATALEND. 

The community can join IDO, exchange tokens, or even earn passive income through dedicated applications on our platforms. Our primary aim behind making this platform is to empower the Avalanche ecosystem by providing some facilities. The first is to offer essential grounds for start-ups to raise funds, build projects and launch them successfully. And the second is to deliver an innovative and competitive Defi platform for Avalanche communities and projects. 

AVA TA Network

We had to face many problems while launching the AVA TA network, but we solved these problems.

3 Main protocols of AVA TA Networks


By staking AVAT in the SuperPool, you will earn passive income as well as guaranteed IDO allocation.


Farm your LP tokens on the AMM DEX or stake your AVATs on AVAX to earn passive income. 


Borrow tokens on AVATALend to create your own earning strategies 

AVA TA Problems & Solutions

The following are long overdue issues in the Launchpad and Defi industry and how our innovative approach and innovation addresses such deficiencies.

Problem 1

The first problem is that the standard token utility is for allocating IDO without getting any other reward. In the same way, removing and limiting the token’s potential takes place.

Solution 1 

Superpole is a unilateral staking pool in which stakers do not require to provide liquidity. But still, it gives them a double reward which increases their AVAT holding and simultaneously secures guaranteed IDO location. The awards include AVATA and a ticket for guaranteed IDO allocation.

Problem 2

The whole tire system depends on token amounts leaving no room for players with small amounts of money to compete with more considerable amount-stackers economically.

Solution 2

In our Tier and multiplier system, stakers with low stakes earn more money iAVAT the more stakes they stake_provided they are willing to commit for a long-term period. The strategy is double-edged because it helps smaller token holders to earn more. Besides, it removes AVAT from circulation temporarily, supporting the more significant token holders simultaneously.

Problem 3

The achieved allocations come as a fixed use or burn_although they require a high commitment to earn.

Solution 3 

The NFT allocation mechanism enables our community to use or monetize their earned IDO allocations in any way they see fit. Once obtained, the IDO is rightfully theirs to allocate, so, like any other economic commodity, they should have the flexibility to use it or pass it on to others depending on the mutually agreed price. 

Problem 4

We also have to face the problem of a deficiency of post-IDO support for the project and the communities launched in most Launchpads. It leaves developers to deal with third-party platforms If they want to run a rewards program for their community as they enter the market. 

Solution 4

As a comprehensive platform, the AVA TA network provides solutions to every problem. It enables developers to use our pool to reward their community the way they want. It helps them focus their resources and time on growth and development simultaneously. 

Problem 5

Sometimes, Defi products need different features, innovation, creativity, and traits. Because of these deficiencies, the Defi market concentrates solely on the highly affluent or selected few communities. 

Solution 5

To solve this problem, our AMM DEX and lending protocol will focus on market-oriented products, each with the respective innovations they have positioned to evolve with market demands.

AVA TA Opportunities 

This all-inclusive platform offers many opportunities and facilities for developers and customers. These opportunities include:

For Everyone

There are opportunities for everyone, including minor players, to earn passive income through SuperPool, AVAX Pool, LP mining Pools, and lending pools in our ecosystem_and implement their strategy as they see fit. 

For Project

The platform offers opportunities for the project that launches through our launchpad to start rewarding their community with token listings. 

For Avalanche Projects 

Avalanche or cross-chain projects to leverage our platform on mutually beneficial collaborations that help take them to a new frontier.

AVA TA Features 

Like other crypto platforms, AVATA has different features, such as:


Secured & Quality Assured AVA TA Network

AVATA is a strict launch policy that ensures only qualified projects and full third-party audits on all deployed contracts. 

Comprehensive Support & Mutual Opportunity 

This policy offers access to resources and platforms for start-ups to make an impact when creating opportunities for the AVA TA community to participate in early funding rounds of such projects. 

Extensive Reward & Deflationary Native Token 

AVATA’s native token for specific economic purposes_participate and earn maximum value from your tokens in our ecosystem.

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