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Drip Network Token Of Binance Smart Chain

The Drip Network is the Drip BEP-20 token and the first-ever deflationary ROI platform that pays you back 1% of your investment daily up to 365% each year. It is the official token of the platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), capturing values via deflation, scarcity, and censorship resistance and by being built on a robust, genuinely decentralized blockchain. 

The Roi network pays stakeholders and referrals through transaction taxes and captures the Drip network’s value making it available to the entire BNB community. Crypto traders use ROI metrics to measure the performance and efficacy of crypto investment, comparing the performance of multiple crypto investments in a portfolio. Let’s discuss the history, features, uses, and quality of the Drip Network.

Founders of the Drip Network 

Drip Network

The two anonymous accounts, Forex_Shark and BB, and their team launched Drip Network in July 2021. Forex is Drip’s primary developer, who has been in crypto since 2012. He began advising large development teams and managed their early development for various projects over the years. Although Drip has been around for up to six months at the writing time, examples like SQUID show that investors should proceed with extreme caution when investing in projects with huge promises launched by anonymous accounts. 

Features Of Drip Network

Some features of this network include:


Drip Network

When you used to exchange your BNB for Drip on an exchange like Pancake Swap, their website allows you to swap your BNB for Drip without paying 10%.

Drip Network Token

It depends on a Drip token with Binance Smart Chain (BNC), which captures the entire value of the network by being scarce, deflationary, censorship-resistance, and getting built on a robust decentralized blockchain.

Drip Faucet

Drip Network

The Faucet is where you collect your Drip, and the Drip Network faucet is a low-risk, high-reward contract that acts like a high-yield certificate of deposit by paying 1% daily returns on investment of up to 365%.

What Makes Drip Network Unique?

The Drip Network has a different approach than other reflective tokens, with its three primary aspects: daily rewards, referral system, and compounding mechanism. Investors can buy DRIP from its local ‘fountain contract’ on the site, thus waiving the 10% deposit tax, or pay the tax by acquiring it from Pancakeswap. 

The network states that the Faucet sends deposits to a burn address, making DRIP deflationary. Investors require a referral code provided by others to deposit into the Faucet. They can earn referral rewards from newly referred parties if they have a certain amount of BR34P tokens in their wallets. 

In the Drip ecosystem, investors can also compound their initial investments, known as ‘hydrating’, which incurs a 5% tax instead of 10% on claiming rewards. If investors want to hydrate rather than assert their rewards, enhance their original investment and receive daily bonuses.

How is the Drip Network Secured?

The network belongs to the DRIP BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is secured using a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. They elect 21 validators daily to validate transactions and maintain the security of the blockchain. The validators must stake a certain amount of Binance Coin with Binance to qualify.

Is DRIP Sustainable? 

Some positive things below help to find the answer to the question: is it sustainable?

Drip Network Price Stability

The 10% tax will prevent holders from recklessly selling DRIPs, thereby preventing the price from fluctuating periodically.

Drip Network Price

Whale Tax

The whale is a more considerable tax of up to 50%, discouraging the mass amount of DRIPs from selling off a large holding number, thereby taking the price of DRIP. It is interesting because the whale that controls the value of crypto has always been a concern here.


DRIP claims inflation as it pays stakers and referrers from transaction taxes, not inflation. 

So, the answer to this question is yes, and the DRIP Network is sustainable or stable.

How to Create/Mint new DRIPs?

You can join DRIP teams by purchasing DRIPs on the platform’s page and depositing them into the Faucet Contract. After that, users earn a 1% passive yield daily. They also can enhance their income via recurring deposits and team-based referrals. Faucet Contracts never expire and always provide rewarded DRIPs over other platforms that promise a consistent daily percentage rate of yield. For more details visit

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